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Allô Blend

Allô Blend

Allô Blend

Loneliness is a pain that is often invisible because it is taboo, and it is often difficult to express it, for those affected.

In 2015, a study by researchers at Brigham Young University showed that loneliness was as dangerous as obesity, smoking or physical inactivity. Being able to exchange would have a positive impact on both our mental health and our physical health. Some people even say that this is one of the main obstacles to happiness!

This phenomenon affects more and more people, whatever their age or social background.

As a single person, this loneliness can be difficult, even frightening. But against all odds, we can also feel loneliness within the couple.

Allô Blend offers you an attentive listening in the most complete anonymity. You will be able to exchange, by telephone, in a space of confidence, confidential and without judgment.

This service is for any adult who needs support.


From France : 08 90 21 34 22 
From other countries : 0033 890 213 422
(0,80 € / min)

Monday to Saturday from 9h to 18h