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Cocooning Offer - March 22, 2020

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Valentine's day! - January 31, 2020

Be surrounded by loving arms

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How to meet your 2020 resolutions? - January 14, 2020

BLEND resolutions

Like most of us, you surely have made resolutions for this new year 2020. Whether in the professional, spiritual or sentimental field, you are determined to reach your objectives and swear that you will stick to it! You are completely sincere today but what will it be in 15 days or 1 month?

=> You will no doubt have forgotten them in the whirlwind of the daily grind! And yet you were so motivated ...

Alas, every year it's the same thing ... But good news, this hellish spiral stops in 2020! Thanks to our advice, not only will your resolutions not go up in smoke at the click of a finger but there is a good chance that you will realize them! Follow these 8 tips and your goals for today will be your reality for tomorrow:

1- Express your goals in a positive way, it's always more motivating. For example, instead of saying "break this celibacy that undermines my existence" say rather "be happy with a partner who suits me".

2- Limit the number of resolutions so as not to be discouraged. To do this, identify the most important to you.

3- Choose SMART objectives so as not to go into impossible extravagances: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Temporal.

4- Follow up on your resolutions by setting a calendar for mid-steps to be extinguished on dates. These milestones will be a gauge of your progress that can self-motivate or alert you.

5- Write down your resolutions and your retro-planning so as not to forget them. Do not hesitate to display them at home, using sticky notes, to have them constantly in mind. These daily reminders will allow you to anchor them deeply in your mind, so that your thoughts are saturated with them. And as your thoughts are creative ...

6- Identify the brakes and obstacles that prevented you from achieving these objectives in previous years. This will help you overcome them.

7- Take your entourage as a witness. If a third party knows your resolutions, not only will they be able to remind you and encourage you, but in addition, a witness will morally commit you to keep your word.

8- identify models of success. People who have reached the goals you have set, will be able to inspire and advise you, if necessary. They have already gone through the same paths as you and can save you time. But each person is unique so take what suits you and trust yourself for the rest!



Merry Christmas ! - December 23, 2019

One valuable gift for christmas: love !

christmas offer BLEND

Offer valid until the 1st of January 2020



How to overcome a breakup? - December 17, 2019

Surmonter rupture 

Living a breakup is one of the most painful ordeals there is, but in spite of everything, we must continue on our way… The first step towards healing is to be aware that we are solely responsible for our happiness and not to be afraid of loneliness!

To overcome this, here are 6 major tips that will help you get over it as quickly as possible:

1- Make sure you have exteriorized everything you had on your heart, towards your ex. If you can't tell him orally, put it down on a paper. Whether you give him your prose or not, this will help you feel lighter.

2- Clear your head and free yourself from stress by asking your friends to go out. And if they are not available, go for a walk or some sport.

3- Avoid places you used to frequent with your ex: loaded with memories, they will keep you sad. This is the perfect time to discover new places!

4- Do not turn into a private detective by following his actions on social networks or by inquiring with your mutual friends. Far from helping you, it will end up making you lose your mind…

5- Take time for yourself: in your bathroom, in a massage institute or at the hairdresser. All methods are good to pamper you and thus restore your morale.

6- And above all, do not be in denial and accept the breakup! This is the best way to overcome it ...

By following these tips and learning from your mistakes, you will be soon on your feet and ready to live great stories!



The challenges of stepfamilies - December 5, 2019

stepfamilies BLEND 

When we have children and we want to settle with someone who also has, we think that things will happen naturally, that love will overcome all obstacles. Unfortunately, it's not always that simple. Things can go sour if you do not pay attention to certain situations ... let's see how to identify and overcome them.

Before involving your children, know how to love each other, to build a real relationship of couple. It is essential to create solid foundations for two, before the arrival of turbulence: children!

For the connection to be smooth, initially, avoid emotional demonstrations in front of your offspring. Indeed, they may feel uncomfortable with these brutal changes. Things can take time and this new family needs to develop itself in respect of everyone's feelings.

With the new siblings will be gathered, pay attention to 2 situations:

- Your children can become aggressive without any apparent reason
They probably feel insecure and need reassurance. Do not hesitate to do so by reminding them that your love is unconditional.

- Children of one are arguing with children of the other
These are things that happen between children but do not be indifferent to all that. You must know how to manage these conflicts, so that no one feels side-lined. An unstoppable weapon is to add a dose of humour, to dramatize things. But know that there is also a positive side to these disputes, which often help to get things done, to pierce the abscess by expressing what was kept deep inside.

Even if you focus now on the success of this new family, continue to take on parental responsibilities with your children's dad or mom and do not criticize him or her in front of them. Your children must feel at ease with their 2 parents, not taking part for one or the other and above all, without feeling guilty of loving both.

Who says meeting of 2 families, says new operating rules that must settle with patience.
At the beginning, for things to be done smoothly, avoid imposing your authority on each other's children and let their parent do so. And most importantly, do not force them to call you "dad" or "mom" because it can be very traumatic. Using the first names is the simplest, while keeping his place as an adult and not a friend.
Although it's not always easy, it's better to live in a new place, so that everyone feels at home.
And to cement everything, do not hesitate to develop rituals for this new stepfamily: Saturday movie or board games on Sunday for example. On the other hand, keep in mind that not all activities need to be done together. Do not hesitate to book privileged moments with your children, romantic evenings with your new spouse and even activities just for you! Things will seem lighter and this will have a positive impact on your mood.

And even if love won’t do everything, do not hesitate to sprinkle it daily, at every opportunity, because it will greatly help each of you and your home will breathe well-being!


Black Friday! - November 28, 2019

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Being willing to love - November 6, 2019

Being willing to love BLEND

To say to everybody that we want to be in a stable relationship does not mean that we are really ready to do so. To be sure and to put all the chances on our side, it is sometimes necessary to make an introspection to know if we are well disposed to!

Here are 10 points to explore, that will help you to ask yourself the right questions ...

1- To be able to give and to receive
A love cannot be one-way, there must be a minimum of reciprocity. Everyone must feel loved and understand that she/he counts for the other.

2- Knowing how to communicate honestly
Being in a relationship does not mean you have the ability to read each other's thoughts. It is therefore necessary, to be able to calmly express one's thoughts and needs, in all sincerity. It is also a way of opening oneself to one's partner and thus getting to know oneself better.

3- To know how to respect the other
We cannot be 100% in agreement on all subjects. Whatever the case may be, one must know how to respect the opinion of the other without denigrating it. The truth is not necessarily on our side.

4- Leave space for your partner
Put someone in a cage and he will have only one desire: to run away!!! The relationship should never be stifling, everyone should be able to have time for her/him, to better meet later.

5- Make compromises
As we have seen above, opinions may differ, but common life requires common ground and compromise is needed.

6- Do not try to change the other
If you are not ready to accept the defects you have already identified in your beloved, do not go further in the relationship. Because even if they can be mitigated, no one really changes.

7- Know how to be attentive
Interested in your partner and know how to really listen to him. The person will feel valued and his love will only increase tenfold.

8- Avoid wanting to have the last word
This behaviour is not constructive and brings only conflicts ... The simplest is to follow this universal rule: Madam is always right!!!

9- To know how to ask forgiveness
Recognizing one's wrongs is a sign of maturity and the first step towards a proper apology. Ideal way to defuse a rising guerrilla and re-start on a good basis.

10- Do not idealize the love life
Fairy tales are on TV or in books. In real life, couples face ups and downs and overcome them together. So do not take your legs to your neck at the slightest obstacle. Together, you are stronger!


After all these tips, do you always feel ready to live a new love? If yes, go ahead and register on our dating website in Luxembourg!




Fall offer 2019 - October 23, 2019

BLEND fall offer 2019

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How to recognize a violent man? - October 10, 2019

Violent man BLEND 

In the media, we are talking about more and more feminicides. It is the killing of women or girls because they are women. This scourge affects all countries and all social classes and more and more measures are being put in place by states to stop these atrocious murders.

But are there any warning signs to detect a violent man? This is the question we are trying to answer here. Below you will find 7 signs that should alert you. Especially if the person combines several one:

1- This man constantly belittles you. He makes fun of you and your opinions, even in public

2- He is possessive and jealous and does everything to isolate you from your family or your friends

3- He consumes drugs and alcohol

4- Nothing is ever his fault. He assumes no responsibility for his actions.

5- He tries to intimidate you when he is angry

6- He wants to control everything and make all the decisions

7- He has a bad reputation with regard to his former relationships.

This non-exhaustive list can help you analyze the situation in which you are and make you react.


If you need help, here are phone numbers dedicated to domestic violence that can be very helpful, to support and guide you:

Luxembourg => 113

France => 3919

Belgium => 0800 30 030




Back to school: the good resolutions of singles - September 6, 2019

Resolutions BLEND

This is the end of the holidays but a good time to start on a good basis.

Are you single? Here are 10 resolutions that can radically change your life:


1- Stop devaluing yourself

Everyone in your life has something to say regarding the causes of your celibacy? Do not pay any attention! All of these lesson givers are no better than you and far from perfection ... Trust yourself and focus on your strengths.


2- Do not make a fixation on marriage

Even if you want a serious relationship over the long term, know how to enjoy and live this new relationship without making any plan. So that, you will have moments of joy without any pressure.


3- Be happy every day

Carpe Diem ! Happiness is made of little things that illuminate life. Plan moments of daily pleasures like a movie with a friend, a body care at the beautician or simply a visit from a loved one. These rays of sun will put you in good mood and will also allow you to transmit this joy.


4- Concentrate on your projects

Instead of brooding over this endless celibacy, focus on projects that are important to you. It could be a renovation project, a professional reconversion or an associative project that you had left out. Take height, look to the future and do not block your vision on this temporary situation that is your celibacy.


5- Restart the sport

Identify the sport that suits you, September is the time of resumption of registration. It will feel you better in your body, and therefore more confident, and you will also have a quieter mind, rid of your little anxieties.


6- Do not let imperfections spoil a new relationship

When we meet a new person, we sometimes tend to focus on a defect that obscures the beauty and all the qualities of this person. So be careful not to miss a beautiful story.


7- Be available for a new relationship

To be open and ready for a rising love, it is necessary, at first, to put order in your sentimental life. Without that, you will not be able to be light-minded and completely involved in a relationship.


8- To break the celibacy, take action!

Do not wait in your home, in front of your TV, that your future half comes ringing at the door ... Take things in hand by going out, doing activities or registering in a dating website. Your social circle will be expanded and you will increase your chances of meeting someone.


9- Turn the page of your ex

Do not call your ex! Remember the reasons that led to these breaks and definitely turn the page. If you do not, they will be like bullets you drag in your new relationship.


10- Ask yourself what you want

In order not to waste time starting a relationship with each person you find vaguely beautiful, know what you are looking for and what you do not want anymore. Your senses will be alert and will guide you to the right person.


Here you have all the keys in hand to start this season, change your mindset and so your life!



How to maximize your search on a dating website? - August 29, 2019


Meeting someone to build a strong relationship can be done in a variety of ways. One of them is registering for a dating website. Taboo approach a few years ago, this is completely in the mornings and becomes a means of dating among many others. It is important to keep in mind that registered members are reflective of the real world and therefore you need to be selective and strategic.

In order to maximize the search for your love, here are 10 valuable tips to keep in mind:

1- Do not focus too much on profile photos
When we look at members' photos, we tend to raise the bar higher than in the real world. We expect to find the look-alike Brad Pitt or Hale Berry! Even if the physical is important, prefer photos with a minimum of charm and focus your choice on the exchanges you will have afterwards. A person may also not be photogenic ...

2- Listen to your instinct
If you are attentive to your inner voice, you will know quickly enough whether you can trust a person or not. So do trust you!

3- Know how to highlight yourself
Whether on your profile or during first exchanges, do not focus on your flaws. Everyone has them and he or she will have the time to discover them. On the contrary, focus on your qualities, without overdoing it, in order to attract just what you need.

4- Heal your writing
Your writing is the first thing that we will see of you and it will define you first. So be careful about misspellings and avoid the sms language because both will give a bad impression of you.

5- Take your time
Knowing a person takes time so do not rush. It is not after 2 days that you must meet or exchange your phone numbers. If you want to have an oral conversation, choose the audio chat from the dating website first.

6- When you are ready, dare to go from virtual to real
If you have to take your time, after a while, you have to dare to meet. Staying in a virtual relationship can make you deviate from your goal of creating a long-term relationship. So do not hesitate to take the plunge, in a public place during the first meetings, for more security.

7- Do not run several hares at once
To maintain many parallel relationships, you can not fully invest in each of them. In the end, you will destroy them all, even before they started ...

8- Avoid lying on your profile
You can not start a story on a lie. Sooner or later, the truth will burst into the open. Trust is one of the foundations of a good relationship, so do not ruin everything.

9- Avoid conversations that are too late
If you start a conversation at 1am, 9 times out of 10 it will fork on a sexual one. Not that it is disintegrable but early in the relationship, if you want a long-term relationship, it can send bad signals.

10- Know how to cultivate the mystery
Do not say too much, too fast. This will inspire the other to discover you and avoid that he or she gets tired too quickly.

Keep these valuable tips in mind and good luck with this love quest!



Flash Offer - August 23, 2019

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The benefits of holidays - August 19, 2019

 BLEND holidays

It is undeniable that holidays bring us a lot of benefits. Even a long weekend is highly beneficial.

Below are the 6 major positive elements that result:

1- Stress reduction

The change of rythm, accompanied by a good dose of sun, brings relaxation to your body as well as your mind. This not only allows a better sleep but also an increase of your immune defenses.


2- You are full of vitamin D

Thanks to the sun, your body produces more vitamin D, which strengthens your bones and gives you a healthy glow.


3- Reinforce the relationships

These privileged moments make it possible to tighten the family, conjugal or friendly ties. This creates common memories that have a positive effect for a very long time.


4- Make you happy

Simply planning your vacation makes you happy, just like the holidays themselves. It's good for the mood!


5- Increases creativity

Discovering new places increases your creativity. Back at work, you are also more motivated!


6- Pimente the sex life

The couple holidays increase your libido but also your romantic side.


So do not hesitate, enjoy the last days of sun and if you're not gone yet, plan at least a long weekend!




Summer Sales - July 26, 2019

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Summer Sales - June 27, 2019

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The narcissistic perverts - June 7, 2019

Narcissistic pervets BLEND 

We often hear about narcissistic perverts, but it would be more accurate to talk about people with narcissistic personality disorder.

What do we recognize them? What strategies do they use? What are the consequences for the victims? And how to get rid of it?

Some answers below ...


This disorder affects 2 to 3% of the population, especially men, although women can also be affected. These people have a disempowering image of themselves and value themselves by belittling others. They are essentially trying to destroy in others what they can not get, like happiness or well-being. To do this, they detect faults in others and act when they perceive their fragility. They act either involuntarily and unconsciously, or sadistically by being fully aware of what they are doing.

Although the causes of these behaviours are still complex today, there are often correlations with a dysfunctional childhood (overprotection or neglect and abuse). There is sometimes a genetic or neurobiological cause as well.


People affected by this condition may have all or some of the behaviours listed below:

- Give themselves the appearance of being superior to others and feel an exacerbated need to be admired

- Handle relatives of those around them and feel no guilt for hurting others

- Attempt to isolate their victims by cutting them off from their loved ones

- Change often their opinion

- Tell lies

- Are jealous

- Are unable to recognize their wrongs

- Can not recognize the needs or feelings of others

- Are constantly seeking recognition


The consequences of these behaviours can be disastrous for the victim. If you have the following behaviours in front of a person, it's because you may be dealing with a narcissistic pervert:

o You feel guilty

o You feel downgraded because of criticism and lose confidence in yourself

o You do not feel yourself anymore

o You feel that you must be on the alert not to annoy him/her.


To avoid this, be aware of these people with this disorder, being aware of the strategy they adopt. It consists of 3 phases:

1- The seduction phase

During this phase, all their actions have one goal: to arouse admiration! They know how to be adorable and sparkle the eyes of their audience. In their speech, they still think of inventing flaws so that the prey can identify and have empathy for them.


2- The invasion phase

During this phase, they weave their web and make themselves indispensable both emotionally and economically. They amplify their hold by weakening the victim through depreciation and isolation.


3- The destruction phase

It is during this phase that their jealousy and sometimes their violence are fully revealed. They become more distant and more demanding with their victim. And in order to destabilize him/her, they alternate softness and aggressiveness, so that she/he feels totally lost and doubts her/his own judgment.


If you have identified one around you, the best way to get rid of it is to cut the relationship, to avoid exhaustion and total loss of confidence in you ...

But sometimes it is very difficult to cut this type of relationship because it is a working relationship or a family member. Here are 2 effective techniques that you should try:

- Destabilization often takes place behind closed doors, so do not hesitate to confront them in public!

- Show them that their behaviour has no influence on your emotions so that the harassment stops. To do this, answer with short and fuzzy sentences and do not hesitate to adopt the tone of humour or irony.

But if that still is not enough, run away!!!




 Managing Conflict in the Couple - May 22, 2019

Gérer les conflits BLEND

When you start a relationship, everything is beautiful and pink. But we are all aware that this state does not last and that the first crisis will happen. It's normal and you do not have to worry when you're faced with it.


On the other hand, we must act and not let these conflicts get bogged down because if they are too repetitive, they can destabilize the couple.


Wisdom would be that, at first, we do everything to avoid them. 3 main behaviors will help you to live them  as little as possible:

1- Quickly express your disagreement and what you feel to avoid escalating tensions.

2- Preserve your complicity at any cost. To feed her, do not hesitate to spend time together, through different activities. This will allow you to better understand each other.

3- To argue, you have to be two. If one of them puts his ego aside, the conflict stops. Do not try to be always right!


If despite all the conflict appears, avoid at all costs to settle your accounts in public. Otherwise, the humiliation will be a non-negligible complication.


When the argument breaks out, we are often overwhelmed by our emotions and we can go too far. This can leave indelible traces for the couple and to avoid that don’t forget to apply these following behaviors, in the storm:

  • Let the other person express themselves without cutting it. He / she will have less frustrations and things will have less tendency to degenerate.
  • Know how to master your words as they can hurt deeply. You can be angry without being vulgar and without using foul language. Be temperate and avoid being impulsive!
  • Do not exaggerate what you blame him/her, especially by generalizing. Better stick to the facts.
  • Do everything to find a compromise. Do not always try to be right.


After the argument, you have to know how to think about the wounds of both. To do this, you must keep the communication open, and it can be with the help of a marriage counselor. A simple and foolproof technique to turn the page is to know how to apologize and to forgive ...


You now know, how to handle conflicts. Useful, because you will not be able to avoid them. And be aware that they also have a positive side for the couple because they help him to evolve and grow.



In may, do as you wish!

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The 5 types of couples - May 6, 2019

5 couples BLEND

Although there are as many couples as individualities, experts have identified 5 types of recurrent couples. It is important to know what suits you, so you do not go wrong with your spouse's choice.

The most common type is the associative couple (30%)
This couple advocates the independence of each other, and the 2 lovers can express their individuality. Communication is very important to them, to evoke differences and divergences. The role of everyone is not defined in this couple and the daily is a succession of improvisation. For them, the external environment is an enrichment.
These couples are often urban youth.
Points of vigilance: too much independence can hinder complicity and disputes can be frequent ...


The 2nd type of couple is the companion couple (25%)
It's the strongest couple. For them, security is paramount and the interests of the couple take precedence over individuality. They have common projects and are willing to compromise. Just like the first couple, they are open to others and the outside feeds their relationship.

Point of vigilance: be careful not to forget too much for the benefit of the couple, at the risk of being frustrated!


The third type of couple is the parallel pair (16%)
This couple shares nothing. Everyone lives his life on his side and their union is more like a cohabitation. They do not really care about each other and observe a reciprocal indifference.
Point of vigilance: a lack of fulfillment can be felt


The 4th type of couple is the bastion couple (15%)
Their motto: "intimacy rather than the outside world". It's a couple who go out a little and spend a lot of time together. They have the same tastes and ideas.
They have a high ability to avoid conflict. This duo has a conservative conception of the role of the man and the woman but all the decisions are taken with two.
Point of vigilance: pay attention to the routine.


The 5th type of couple is the cocoon couple (14%)
Just like the couple bastion they are alike, have the same tastes and are glued to each other. Their priority is the well-being of each and to support each other. This pair is also closed outside but the role of each is not standardized.
Point of vigilance: be careful not to be too dependent on each other


Now that you have these new cards in hand, do an introspection to find out what type of couple you will agree best and go to your alter ego!



10 keys to be this woman who seduces a man - April 18, 2019

Blend seduction

"In terms of seduction, the man is a better strategist, but the woman is much better tactician. Malcolm de Chazal 

This quote shows us that seduction is not something to leave to chance. It is a subtle art between calculation and authenticity!


Today, we will see 10 important attitudes that a woman should adopt to attract the one she wants:

1- To know how to smile

There are many types of smiles, but here we talk about the seductive smile. The one which will reassure the other and encourage him to come to you. It will facilitate the entry into matter.

2- Be kind

These little loving gestures nourish the positive emotions. It's a strength in social relations. Friendliness helps to limit conflicts. 

3- Being attentive

It's a way of showing your partner that he has value. It is to forget a little to put oneself in its place. A sign of humility and wisdom. 

4- Take care of yourself

the important thing is not to be perfect, but to know how to get ready, how to show off with the right outfit, the right hairstyle or the good perfume. 

5- Have some humor

Laughter helps to play down situations. Do not hesitate to put humor in your conversations, if you find your relationship too serious. But it must still remain subtle, not to pass for a clown. 

6- To know how to develop complicity

Essential to consolidate a relationship, it is a long learning that is refined with the time spent together. The safest way to develop complicity is therefore communication, the ability to confide in each other. 

7- Take care of your body

Fortunately, physical beauty is relative. But that does not stop you from taking care of your body. You will come out surer of yourself and well in your head. Well-being attracts! 

8- Be patient

Immediately asking a man to invest in a relationship can only make him run away. We must accept that each person advances at his own rythme and that men are often slower than women. 

9- Get out of the ordinary

To score a man, you have to go out of the ordinary, not be like other women. And the best way to do it is to be yourself. Only you can play this role to perfection. Trust yourself!

10- Knowing how to compromise

Essential ingredient to the viability of a couple is the art of negotiation. It is also knowing how to let go of the ballast, so as not to be constantly in a confrontation harmful for the couple. To achieve this, one must know how to put oneself in the other's shoes.

Even if you do not master all these keys, keep them in mind to know how to improve in each of them and thus reach the one you want!




Spring offer! March 23, 2019

spring offer BLEND

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How to live the age difference in the couple? March 21, 2019

différence d'âge BLEND

According to British researchers, the ideal age difference in a couple is 4 years old. But even if they are still a minority, there are more and more couples who have 10 years of difference or more. Generally, it is the man who is the oldest but the opposite also exists. We will see what brings these couples together, what makes them fragile and how they can go beyond them.


Whether it is the woman or the man who is younger, there is often the need for security that dominates, the need to be reassured. If it is the woman, she will be attracted by the image of father that will send back her partner. The man meanwhile will see a mother image at first glance.


But this feeling must be surpassed to move forward and these couples will have to be attentive to several important aspects of their relationship.


The most important obstacle is the gaze of friends, family or anonymous people. Since society likes to put people in huts, these atypical duets disturb and are often victims of prejudices or derogatory remarks. For example, a younger woman with an older man and with a good position, can be accused of being venal. The opposite is also true but as a bonus, the man will be suspected of cheating with younger women.

To go beyond this, the duo will have to fully assume its relationship, otherwise they can have repercussions for their union.


The second point of attention are the fears related to the seduction of each one, that they will have to sweep away. The older woman will wonder if her young lover will still find her attractive in 10 years and the older man, if he will still perform well in intimacy.

These fears should not be taken lightly, and good reassuring communication will be helpful on one or more occasions.


The younger partner may also be afraid that the health of the other person will decline, at the risk of becoming a nurse. But no one can predict the disease. It can happen at 20, 50 or 80 years old. So even though the risks are higher with age, do not fill your mind and thoughts with negative things. This is often what we fear the most that happens to us, precisely because we think about it constantly and that our thoughts are creative!


If there is a desire for a child and the woman is no longer able to have some, it can be problematic. The power of their love can help them go beyond, but if this desire persists, they can still adopt a child that is waiting for that.


These points of vigilance should not be neglected, but these couples must especially focus on what brings them closer, the elements that help to weld them.


Indeed, they must focus on their common interests, to share pleasant moments and fill memories with positive things.

In terms of intimacy, they must also rely on the advantages of such a couple: the youngest will be able to constantly stimulate his lover while the older will open the field of possibilities, thanks to his experience and his absence of taboos.


But if there was one thing to remember, it is to let it go, to live fully the present moment and to say yes to happiness!



Let’s go on holidays alone! Friday 1st March 2019

Vacances solo Blend

Going on vacation alone is not always easy. But sometimes you have to overcome your fears in order not to deprive yourself of a wonderful trip under the pretext that nobody is available to come with you!

Let's see what the brakes on such trips can be, the attitudes and precautions to take to maximize your road trip and of course the benefits you will get.

The most common barrier to such holidays, especially if you go to an unknown country, is the risk, the danger that it can cause. We are afraid of feeling insecure, especially if we are a woman.

We can also be held back by the lack of exchange and sharing of all the beautiful things we will see and discover.

To get around this but also to maximize the good sides of your stay, here are some tips to adopt:

- If you land on unfamiliar country, choose a daytime arrival to find your way in full daylight. It is much more reassuring, and you will be more comfortable!

- Learn to go to others and ask for help. Beyond the expected boost, it's a great way to interact with locals

- Go with a written list of the phone numbers of your loved ones. If your mobile is lost or stolen, you will always know how to reach someone

- Avoid venturing into isolated areas

- Plan cash in case there is a problem with your credit card

- Do not display with valuables or a lot of cash

- Try local spirits but avoid being drunk to stay alert

- Prepare your itinerary and visits to make this experience unforgettable

- Before going on an excursion, inform a friend and the reception of your hotel

- Feel free to go to the restaurants alone to discover the local culinary specialties

- Do group activities, such as guided tours, to build on-site contacts that can be very helpful.


And do not forget that a solo trip is necessarily tailored to your taste. You can only go to your interests and according to your budget!

Moreover, by being unaccompanied you will have more ease to go to the others and thus enrich you of their culture. Stay open, smile and people will come naturally to you too. You will understand then that you are never really alone.

Here you have all the keys to get started and live moments that will remain etched in your memory. Good Holiday !


The right balance between private and professional life - Thursday 21 February 2019

Balance private/pro Blend

Having a good balance between your professional life and your private life is an essential element for a good personal development. And while work and sleep times have fallen in recent years, we still have a problem finding the right balance, especially because of the increase in divorces and lone-parent families. This can lead to increased stress or burnout. It is therefore necessary to understand the mechanisms that lead to this imbalance and know how to fix it if we are already there.


How do we know that we are currently in a good balance?

This is when there is no conflict between professional and personal life and when we are able to have many extra-professional and fulfilling activities.


There are several factors that can tip the balance in favor of working life, for example:

  • The working time indicated on your contract which is well below the one you actually perform. With the development of new technologies that promotes work outside the office (smartphones, telecommuting, etc ...), you are constantly tempted to finish a task that you have in mind or to answer an email that you think is important
  • Job insecurity that breeds fear in you and brings you to all the concessions, going so far as to work during your lunch breaks. Whatever job you do, it will never worth more than your self-fulfillment and your well-being. Do not forget your skills and experience that will allow you to bounce back when needed!
  • Think that happiness depends on this desired promotion and that after these efforts, everything will be better. Ambition is a good thing and wanting to access better is human. But again, you must not leave your health ...

And if we do not pay attention to all this, the border between private life and professional life becomes more and more blurred and we feel less and less well.


Here are 4 important tips, to avoid getting there:

  1. Learn to prioritize your tasks

To get there, do not hesitate to use a "to do list" which will help you to list and sort your daily tasks

  1. Delegate some of your work

If you have a work overload, ask a colleague to help you, if he can.

  1. Find a mentor

Identify a person in your entourage who has perfectly reconciled private life and professional life and do not hesitate to ask him for advice.

  1. Take care of yourself

Plan your hobbies and trips so that you do not get overwhelmed by the daily routine.


And when you have managed to find the right balance, then you will be ready to make room for a spouse, if you are single 




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The 10 major differences between men and women - November 28, 2018

Différences homme femme Blend
When you're single and looking for your other half, it's important to know how the other person works, to avoid tensions and misunderstandings.

Although everything starts with hormonal and genetic differences, they have also a cultural and environmental source. In fact, it is between 5 and 7 years old that a child understands his or her gender and begins to learn its codes. The man and the woman thus have different behaviors ... We will see below the 10 most flagrant divergent behaviors:

  1. Women are less well-positioned in space than men. This is explained by the hormones of each sex that influence different brain development. Gentlemen, be patient with these ladies who take 30 minutes to park their car in a niche...

    2. When a man comes into a supermarket, he goes straight to the elements of his shopping list while Madam comes out with the triple of products ... It must be put on the account of the foresight

    3. In the same way, when you go on vacation, the suitcase of the man weighs 2 times less heavy while he has more muscles. This is simply because in the lady's bag the additional items are to be placed in the "just in case" category. No need to try to make her listen to reason to limit the extra kilos in the plane, because it will be a real source of stress for her!

    4. Women take longer to get ready than men. Although this is not true for all men, it is better to consider it for your last minute outings. Gentlemen, if you want to go to the restaurant the same day, warn these ladies at least 1 hour in advance. It spoils the effect of surprise but it avoids tensions, for sure.

    5. Women are more willing to have long conversations. We also see it with the long lasting phone calls they have with their friends who do not have their equivalent in men behaviour. So gentlemen, if you want peace with Madam, please take the time to listen to her and give her time for a good discussion.

    6. Men tend to overestimate themselves. A skinny man can easily see himself as a muscle man while a woman will always find complexes in her body, even if she is the Miss Universe lookalike.

    7. To show a man that she likes him, in general, the woman will be more subtle with games of looks, smiles or attitudes, while the man will have a more direct approach. The woman parades and the man goes straight to the point!

    8. It is often thought that the woman is more emotional. It would be more accurate to put this on the education account. The woman has developed this faculty of expressing and showing her emotions while we have taught the man to hide his feelings, under false pretenses of virility.

    9. More than the man, the woman will gauge the quality of her relationship, on the level of communication that there is with her partner. To strengthen their bond, she will favor it more than the man, as we have seen above.

    10. What matters most in a relationship is different for the man and the woman. The latter will need love and the expression of it to flourish, through compliments, soft words and small touches for example. As for the man, it is much simpler, since one of his greatest satisfactions for him is to see that his wife respects him.

    Now you will have no excuse to find the other weird and will not want, at any cost, he / she act and react like you!

    Good luck on your next decryption. Your love is next to you...


 How to behave at the beginning of a relationship? - November 22, 2018

Début de relation Blend

At the beginning of the relationship, one can be over-excited and make mistakes that can put an end to this new idyll very quickly ... Indeed, this particular period is characterized by high instability, since it is at that moment that doubts are the strongest! So, it's crucial to know how to behave and that's what we're going to see here.

First, let things happen so that, changes in habits are not too brutal.

For example, do not call your partner every hour. It can be stifling, even frightening, and make her/him run around. It is better to keep time for yourself, to better find each other later. You will also have more things to discuss!

Also avoid being too intrusive, such as searching through his cell phone like an FBI agent. This will only rob the other and trust will be hard to settle.

Do not rush the presentation either to your friends, but privilege moments spent with two, to get to know you better, without outside interference. Even if discovering your partner in his environment, will also help you to learn new facets of his personality, it is better to wait a little.


Secondly, keep a certain mystery, do not reveal yourself too quickly. For sure, you will be more attractive.

And even if you have to stay yourself, focus first on your affinities rather than your differences. This will highlight your common life projects and promote your complicity. You will have plenty of time to discover your differences.

Also, women tend to project themselves into the future faster than men who may be frightened by this behaviour. She can still talk about her vision of the couple and life, without including her partner. Better wait for the right moment!


Thirdly, at the beginning of the relationship, you have to do everything to be sincere. Be authentic in everything you say and do, even going so far as to show your sensitivity and fragility. Indeed, for love to be born, one must know how to let go.


The infidelity in the couple - November 8, 2018

Infidélité Blend

When we talk about infidelity in the couple, we immediately think of a sexual relationship with another partner, while moral infidelity can be equally destructive. Nevertheless, we will focus on physical infidelity here.

In both cases, we think we can manage, be able to separate the carnal from the emotional but that is not always the case since the risk of falling in love is very real and there can also be many other consequences, as we will see.

There are several reasons that can lead to a person's infidelity:

  • Some people may simply have wanted to forage for more than one flower and do not question the consequences
  • Others hope to fill a gap that they do not find in their partner. It may be sexual dissatisfaction, or a trait they lack, or a need for more attention.
  • In men, sometimes it can be the difficulty of reconciling in their partner, the sensual woman with the image of "holy" woman, that they have of her. They prefer to look for eroticism elsewhere.
  • In the woman, it can come from the perpetual search for the perfect man, the prince charming we have listened to for years ...

The unfaithful person thinks, often wrongly, that nothing will be known and that all this will do no harm. But bad news: any secret ends up being revealed and the consequences for the couple can be terrible.

First of all, the deceived person can devalue himself, thinking that the problem comes from him/her. It will then find new physical complexes and / or lose all confidence in herself/himself. This emotional insecurity can destabilize any couple, whether young or not.

By being deceived, one can also lose all consideration, all respect for the other. And without this component, love becomes very difficult.

Then, the resentment increases as time goes on and we end up wondering if we really know our partner. Trust breaks down and forgiveness becomes difficult, if not impossible ...

So, we understand easily that before breaking a solid relationship where we feel safe, it is better to think twice, and it is better to silence his carnal impulses, to make love first. To be faithful is to show the other's love and to prove to him that he is unique to us.



Dating When You're a Single Parent - October 30, 2018

Single parent Blend 

With the increase of divorces in recent decades, more and more parents are left alone to raise their children. Often for lack of time but also because of family constraints, they have trouble meeting new people to rebuild their lives.

We will see that it is only a question of organization and change of mind.

Regarding the organization, nothing prevents to go on a dating website, in the evening, once the children are in bed. Your new activity will remain discreet at first and you can get to know as many people as you want.

And once you are ready to physically meet someone, do not hesitate to get help from family or friends, for a baby-sitting hand.

But sometimes, the brakes are psychological.

We can be afraid of disrupting children and we think we will wait until they are older. To do this is to put too much responsibility on his children, who would no doubt be delighted that his parent is happy.

One can also be afraid that the new partner does not get along with his children.

While it is true that nothing is guaranteed, you will get better results if you take your time and do things gradually.

What is certain is that one should never be convinced that your children are a brake on a new relationship because not only is this not the case, as we have seen, but remember that your new partner may have an unfulfilled desire for a child and he/she will be delighted to welcome yours!

Anyway, do not forget that love for your children can not replace a romantic relationship ...



The challenges of mixed couples - October 8, 2018

Mixed couples Blend 

Since the dawn of time, migratory flows have existed. They have increased in recent decades due to globalization, leading to a mix of important crops that has favored the formation of more mixed couples. In Europe, it is estimated that 12% of marriages are mixed unions.

A couple is said to be mixed from the moment there is an important cultural or religious difference. This can cause misunderstandings in the couple but, good news, they are not insurmountable!

We will see the 3 major challenges they can meet and how to overcome them.

The first major challenge they may encounter is the rejection of the culture of the other. Everyone wants to impose his own, which he considers the best, and a daily struggle sets in, to impose his own customs.

This can only lead to conflict, when everyone should take a step towards the culture of the other. They must try to understand each other, without judgment, and create their own working culture. That is to say, a unique culture that will take its roots in the concessions they consider acceptable.

The second major challenge they will face is the look of their respective families. Each of them will find fault with the operation of the couple! This can be a source of conflict in the couple, if it does not block. Indeed, these family judgments come mainly from the ignorance of the foreign culture.

The couple will have to be diplomatic, to break the prejudices and restore the truth. This will have to be done from the start so as not to let tensions settle.

The third major challenge may be the education of children, as each culture has its own methods and values. But here, again, it's all about openness and concessions!

More broadly, these tips can apply to all couples because when speaking of 2 people, there are inevitably differences (education, clothing, music, etc ...) ... So, each couple can be consider as mixed!


Is friendship between man and woman possible? - September 25, 2018

Friendship Blend 

In recent decades, diversity has increased in our society, especially in schools. This, coupled with an increase in the number of single people, has fostered friendship between men and women. Some say that they are not real friendships and others believe the opposite. What is it really?

Let's first see what differentiates a friendship from a romantic relationship.

In the romantic relationship, there is often a dominant / dominated situation, more or less pronounced, which is mixed with a part of maintained mystery. It is this mixture, among others, that provokes this mutual desire. The couple always has a part of shadow, unspoken, necessary for the survival of the couple.

The friendly relationship, it is more sincere, more frank, because we are on the same footing of equality. Even if a game of seduction is often present, conscious or not, there is no need to be absolutely at its best. Only complicity matters.


Note however that this friendship is experienced differently than one is a man or a woman.

A woman will prefer communication and will tend to spend long hours phoning her friend.

A man will not be sensitive to these long calls but much more to real moments spent together. Friendships at a distance are very difficult to maintain for him.

This difference can lead to misunderstandings and frustration in this friendly couple.


There are two other points of vigilance for this mixed duo.

The first concerns the surges of tenderness that they can have towards each other. After all, they are just human beings, and these gestures, innocent for one, can awaken desire in others.

The second point of vigilance is dealing with difficult moments in life, such as death, divorce or job loss. In this kind of situation, one may need comfort and these friends may go over the limit not to cross.

If the two people are ready to switch to a romantic relationship why not ... if this is not the case, the friend who does not wish it, must quickly reframe the situation, at the risk of losing his friend!


And the situation can become even more complicated if one of them is in a relationship. Friends should take care not to take all the space, to prevent the jealousy of the spouse involved.


All this shows us that a friendship between man and woman is possible but we must put safeguards because they are sometimes complex and fragile relationships!



How to live your celibacy? - September 18, 2018

Célibat Blend 

According to our experience, our past, we each have our way of living our celibacy. It can be lived in agonizing, even depressing, or be a moment of reflection, ideal for personal introspection.

Why is it important to live well this single period? Essentially not to put his happiness in parenthesis but also to be fulfilled within his future couple.

Let's see now 4 major attitudes to adopt to live well his celibacy.

1- To live well in your celibacy, the first attitude to adopt is to detach oneself, to move away from the collective and hasty judgments that point to you, as having the worst disease of the century: celibacy.

Not only is it not a flaw but accepting these judgments will only plunge you into guilt and malaise.

Family and friends are often at the root of this and every reunion is an opportunity to remind you that you are alone and that you should make some efforts.

Do not take this into consideration because the consequence may be a precipitous choice of spouse that will undeniably lead you to a split.


2 - In order to live well in one's celibacy, the second attitude to adopt is to consider this period as a way to take stock of oneself.

First, understand the reasons for his celibacy that may be conscious or not. It may be for example a deep desire to live alone or a systematic attraction to a style of person who does not fit you.

Then, we can better analyze our personality, to identify our needs and expectations in the couple.


3 - To live well in your celibacy, the third attitude to adopt and not to fall back on oneself but to stay open to others.

Find activities to achieve other than through the couple, such as a humanitarian association, a new sport or solo trips. Not only will it be very rewarding, you will discover new areas of interest, but moreover, it will be very useful in the future couple. Indeed, putting your spouse in the center of your universe can only bring suffering and misunderstanding.

To be open to others is also to surround oneself with friends so as not to remain in isolation and to share with other people. Take advantage of this time to see people you do not take the time to see and who matter to you. All these moments will give you the smile and a joy of living.


4 - To live well in your celibacy, the fourth attitude to adopt is to breathe happiness. A person blooming and good in his sneakers attract others.

Keep taking care of yourself and do not let yourself go. It is said that the coat does not make the monk but a neat appearance will help you to maintain a good self-esteem.

Also take the time to take stock of your qualities and faults in order to fully accept and love you. To love oneself is also to assume that another person can love us.

To breathe happiness, keep positive thoughts, be certain that you will meet someone who suits you! It's the law of attraction.

And above all: run away from toxic people!


Singles, beyond a certain age, continue to disturb society because they are out of the ordinary. You have to ignore these pressures, whether celibacy is a life project or a transition phase. Put this period to good use and keep in mind that it is sometimes a necessary step to live a next full-fledged couple, if that is your wish.



Why are there more and more members of dating websites - September 11, 2018 

Dating website Blend

The attractiveness of dating websites increased over the last 10 years in Europe, aided by the continent's demographic situation: rising divorces, more late marriages and increased loneliness. This has pushed singles to seek love online, regardless of age or socio-professional category.

Internet facilitates couple formation and dating websites have become a way to achieve this, among many others. In addition, the society has trivialized the meeting with a stranger through sites like BlaBlaCar or AirBnB.

That's why in recent years, dating websites have allowed millions of couples to be created and millions more to get married!

Here below are the 7 main reasons to join Blend:

  1. You meet singles near you, in Luxembourg or in its border areas. This will facilitate an ongoing and constructive relationship.

  2. Ideal for shy people, our dating website facilitates anonymity at first. It is easier to unveil one's personality than in a real encounter.

  3. On Blend, there are no fake profiles. We check them all for your comfort!

  4. For serious meetings, the cost of the subscription is much lower than that of a marriage agency.

  5. On Blend, you will discover a wide variety of profiles, which will increase your chances of finding a soul mate.

  6. Thanks to our evenings and weekends, you will have the opportunity to meet singles in live and in a context always pleasant.

  7. Subscriptions are not renewable automatically. We think it's up to you to choose whether to extend them or not.


So, do not hesitate and join our members now!



Back to School, Resolutions and Blend's Gift - September 6, 2018

Rentrée Blend 

Back to school is the perfect time to make good resolutions and stick to it all year round. Are you coming back from vacation and are you smiling? Do everything to keep it because it's great for your health!

Here are 6 resolutions that will help you doing it:

  1. Take time for yourself, to ventilate your mind by going to the cinema, seeing an exhibition or going to the theatre for example. It is also advisable to go out in the open air, at least once a week, which will do you the greatest good!

  2. Get back to the sport or at least 30 minutes of walking a day. This will help you feeling good about your body

  3. It is important to surround yourself with good people who have common passions with you, for a rewarding communication, but above all, positive people who will encourage you in all your projects.

  4. Start keeping a budget, if it is not the case. This will allow you to identify and measure your expenses but also to control your budget, to save money sometimes and especially to have a quieter mind.

  5. Before going to bed, take the time to take stock of the day and plan the next one. Your life will be more efficient, and you will only improve your life.

  6. Do everything to not be isolated and start sharing your life with someone. To help you doing it Blend offers


10 x 1 month-subscriptions to first members


Who send the code RENTREE2018 to the email address contact@blend-online.eu


In any case, set realistic, specific and positive goals. Do not forget to mention the deadline and you will keep smiling all year long!